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Working With Business Link

02nd December 2009
Who do you turn to when you need independent advice on your business?
The simple truth is that every business owner, and in particular the small to medium sized business's or SME's, all need advice from time to time. Someone to turn to, to share ideas or concerns with, to seek independent advice from.... but where can you get it?

If you're lucky enough to have fellow directors, or partners, that's where most folk turn to share an opinion or a view, BUT, sometimes its good to go to someone OUTSIDE your business, that isn't tainted by the 'yes, but, no but, yes but' opinion.

That's what RT Promotions MD, Richard Mack has been doing for some time now. he's been working closely with Business Link in Dorset, and has regular contact with his own business adviser, Laura McHarrie (shown alongside Richard in the picture - and please note, Laura insisted on holding the BIG calculator)

Richard said, "It's really important to be able to talk to somebody with extensive experience who doesn't have a vested interest in what you are doing and who can give you honest, objective support".

For more information on how Business Link can help your business call: 0845 600 9966

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