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Work Experience

06th June 2011
Say 'Hello' to our new co-worker.... Matthew Winter. Joining us for two weeks at The Ideas Hub from Corfe Hills School on a work experience placement.
After showing him where the kettle and tea and coffee making facilities were, we sat him down and asked a few questions.....

Matthew Winter at RT Promotions
Q: What job are you looking towards when you leave school?

A: Haven’t really thought about that, but if I have to say anything, I’d probably choose something leaning towards graphical design, or something to do with computers – I mean, it’s not like I sit in front  of my laptop all day :)

Q: What do you hope to learn during your two weeks at RT Promotions?

A: Learning? I thought work experience helped to escape from school and learning! Although, it might help my communication skills by being here as I’m pretty reclusive sometimes. Also, I miss one day of W.E. to go to an English Exam... Wednesday I think.

Q: What is your favourite TV program?

A: Used to be Robot Wars on BBC 2, but since it was cancelled due to insufficient funds, Top Gear (also on BBC 2) would have to ‘nick’ the top spot.

Q: What is your favourite sport?

A: Sport not exactly being my favourite pass-time, I don’t like many overall, but as you’re so nice, I’ll tell you: Tennis or Badminton. I’m not a fan of contact sports like rugby, but I’ll happily play dodge ball (providing you don’t launch the ball like a rocket or something – although, I suppose that’s the whole point of the game).

Q: What is your favourite game and what console is it on?

A: Decisions, decisions... which one is my absolute favourite? I’ll give you a clue. It’s somewhat old (about 1995/7), a real-time strategy game, and consists of two words (one being annihilation). Still nothing? Fine, it’s called Total Annihilation and was developed by Cavedog (now deceased) for the computer (not really a games console, but hey...)

Q: What would your dream car be?

A: The Hammerhead i Eagle thrust... nah, just joking. My dream car would be the Nissan 350Z.

Q: Final question, what is your favourite film?

A: Final question, really? All righty then. My favourite film would be Transformers. I watched the cartoons when I as younger and bought the toys, so why wouldn’t it be? 
Favourite Transformer? Hotshot: he’s an awesome, reckless, yellow sports car that loves to race.

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