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Welcome to another Mak

26th March 2012
Working closely with one of our local schools - Corfe Hills School - and one of their students - Nathan Mak. He's with us for just one week as part of the 'work experience' programme.

Q: What do you hope to achieve through work experience?

A: Well, a range of skills really, Developing IT skills and handling websites will help me through my CiDA coursework and generally getting the 'feel' of working in a work experience environment.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: Sleeping, flexing, going to the toilet, and sleeping. Only joking..... on the serious side of things , I go on Facebook and Twitter like most teenagers would. I spend most of my time gaming or on Youtube. Cracking jokes and internal monologues in my sleep would be a subconscious thing not a hobby.

Q: So, who is your favourite Youtuber?

A: Ooh.. This is difficult. I will list them in the order of my most favourite. Toby Turner (including all 3 channels), BlueXephos (Yogscast, I also listen to the YoGpoD) and Smosh. I am Dave Yognaut and I have the balls! (Anyone get the reference?)

Q: And what is your favourite game?

A: Once again, a difficult question.. I am a MASSIVE Assassins Creed fan (as you can tell I have the audacity to put it in capitals), great storyline and gameplay probably one of the most intriguing. Minecraft, with endless possibilities and things to build  it's like playing Lego when i was younger just slightly different (Notch is a legend). Other games would include Uncharted, Portal and Amnesia (Scariest game ever!). No I'm not that much of a Call of Duty fan. Please no raging! :)

Q: What is your favourite TV programme then?

A: Misfits, Family Guy, anything with Derren Brown in it to be honest, Outnumbered, Torchwood, and Doctor Who.

Q: Any comedians you particularly like?

A: Many actually, Toby Turner, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Lee Evans and Tim Minchin. Can't think of all of them on the top of my head unfortunately!
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