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Work Experience Student Is Well Balanced

10th July 2017
It's that time of year again - and here at RT Promotions we're pleased to welcome our latest 'Work Experience' student - Cassidy!!! She's got off to a flying start by showing us her juggling skills with the paper-blocks we've got in our showroom and already has her eyes on the chocolate sample drawer - go for it Cassidy. As usual, we had a brief Q&A session with her - see her answers here.
Work Experience Student - Cassidy

Q1: What job are you looking towards when you leave school?

- I’ve always had a rough idea of what career path I wanted to take when I leave school, but for a few years now I’ve really wanted to explore an animation career. I believe that I’m a very creative and imaginative person, therefore I feel that being an animator would be where I can display my full potential.  

Q2: Why did you choose RT Promotions for your ‘work experience’?

- I chose RT Promotions for my work experience because I enjoy the theory and practicality of website design and so, I wanted to acknowledge the different rules and aspects that actually went into this process – there is surprisingly a lot more website rules than I imagined. I also chose the company because of my qualities; being creative played a big part as I had the chance to edit and create photos for products and website banners – I even got to think about how I present my photo on this page!  

Q3: Do you like and get involved with Social Networking, if, so what and when?

- Everyone has their opinion on whether social media. For me, I like social media to some extent – for instance, I enjoy posting picture on events I’ve attended and seeing what others are up to. I also have to keep up with my streaks on social networks like Snapchat (because it’s destroying when you lose them). Furthermore, I simply like seeing what others have to say or enjoy watching. Overall, it’s a good way to keep in touch with people from around the world. However, it can get annoying when it constantly notifies you about random or unnecessary posts!     

Q4: Is there ONE thing that stands out in your mind that you are most looking forward to during your week here at RT Promotions?

- The main thing that I’m most looking forward to during my work experience at RT Promotions would working on a variety of different products, which is offered from the company, and putting my spin or opinion on it which is live on their website for customers and recipients to see on the web. 
Q5: Do you have any hobbies?

- I don’t have loads of hobbies, but there is a few activities I like to do in my spare time when I’m away from school or work. Being the creative person I see myself as, I am really fond of drawing and just general art activities – instead of writing about myself, I can express myself through art as well as design interesting and humorous characters for my portfolio (being that I’m interested in being an animator). Moreover, I also enjoy other crafty activities such as textiles – I just find this very therapeutic and a good way to pass time I just want to relax. 

Q6: What do you think will be your greatest challenge in your weeks work experience here?

- As a lot of my work that I’m completing is going live on the company’s website, I feel that my greatest challenge would be making sure the work is up to the standards it needs to be and getting into a habit of remembering the simple requirements that needs to be done when it goes up, such as pressing the update button, since these things are easily mistaken or missed. 

Q7: If you could have a ‘superpower’ for a day, what would it be and how would you use it?

- If I had could have a superpower for a day, I think I would have the ability to change time, that way I could explore the past but also being able to freeze time and complete anything without the pressure of being under a time limit – I would have all the time in the world! 

Q8: Which THREE words best describe you as a person?


Q9: What is your favourite film and why?

- My favourite film is Iron Man (and any Marvel film for that matter) because I love action packed films and I am very geeky when watching these types of movies! I also like the humour and how it’s created for a series of other films, similar to like a chain reaction.

Q10: If a Hollywood film was being made about you – which actor would play your part?

- That actor that would best suit me, in a film based around me, would be Judi Dench. Surprising as it sounds, she would be perfect for my persona as she likes a bit of action but is also quite reserved and classy.  

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