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Kieran's Work Experience

08th July 2013
Kieran - from Poole High School is here at RT Promotions on his two week 'Work Experience', and as is our usual style, we had a list of ten questions to ask him.
Kieren - Work Experience Student

Q1: What job are you looking towards when you leave school?
A: I want to go to college

Q2: What do you hope to learn during your two weeks at RT Promotions?
A: How the company works and how to do the work myself

Q3: Do you like and get involved with Social Networking, if, so what and when?
A: I go on Facebook and Instagram only to look as my news feed and I have a Twitter account but I don't use it.

Q4: What is your favourite food/ drink?
A: Pizza and Coke

Q5: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Model Kits and dirt jumping

Q6: What is your favourite TV program?
A: The Big Bang Theory

Q7: What is your favourite sport? Do you like and get involved with any sport?
A: Rugby and I like to get involved with as many sports as I can

Q8: What is your favourite game and what console do you play it on?
A: FIFA and XBox

Q9: What is your favourite film and why?
Step brothers
Q10: In two weeks time, when it’s your final day working at RT Promotions – how will you know if it’s been a success or not?
A: To know about the business and how it works and how to do the job and how hard working life can be.
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