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Wacky Ideas

Wacky Ideas

We are constantly amazed at the new ideas for Promotional Gifts that come onto the market, and sometimes, we run out of places to put them on our website. That's where we cam up with the idea of a category called Wacky Ideas.

These are the things that simply won't fit into any other category!

  • Light-Up Table Decorations
  • Branded Can Cooler Jackets
  • Promotional Light-Up Champagne Glasses

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Wafer Thin Magnifying Card
The size of a business card, yet with 3 x times magnification
min qty 250 from £0.43
Masquerade Masks
Why buy 'off the shelf' masks when you can have your very own unique style made for you?
min qty 100 from £0.44
French Stick Ballpen
Designed to look like either a French Stick - or maybe an Italian Bread Stick.
min qty 500 from £0.45
Fun Face Masks
Range of shapes to choose from - or why not have your very own unique shape?
min qty 250 from £0.45
Pen Holder
Available in white, black or blue, this unique device keeps your pen safe whilst driving.
min qty 250 from £0.50
Small Plastic Yellow Duck
Bright yellow bathtime ducks to make your event top of the BILL
min qty 250 from £0.50
Wristband Whistles
Whistles - available in White, Red, Blue, Orange or Yellow, with matching coloured wristband.
min qty 500 from £0.54
Casino Chips
Available in plenty of colours.
min qty 100 from £0.55
Invisible Ink Pen
Features a built-in UV light to reveal the hidden writing.
min qty 100 from £0.55
Printed Fridge Thermometer
Everyone has a fridge, but not everyone has a brandable fridge thermometer!!
min qty 250 from £0.55
Banner Stylus Ballpen
With a great range of vibrant colours to choose from, this all-in-one promotional gift is not only a pen, but also a banner, a stylus, and a mobile phone holder!
min qty 250 from £0.58
Ear plugs
Perfect for motor racing or maybe just to get a good nights sleep?
min qty 500 from £0.58
Key Torch
Clever design with multiple function - the LED light is at the tip of the key!!
min qty 250 from £0.59
Condom Holder Keyring
Available in a range of colours and guaranteed to bring a smile!!!!!
min qty 250 from £0.60
Keyfob Whistle
Available in Blue, Purple, Red or Silver - a promo gift to make some noise.
min qty 250 from £0.60
Seed Paper Bank Notes
A creative way to demonstrate 'grow your business' - your clients receive a £100 note - as well as the seeds in the paper - now that's what we call growth.
min qty 100 from £0.60
Colour Changing Spoons
Intended as a fun item for eating ice cream - spoons change colour either white to blue, or white to red.
min qty 100 from £0.62
Radiator Key
Featuring TWO keys, one for the radiator, and the other for the Meter Box, this unique tool is even magnetic.
min qty 100 from £0.63
products (37 - 54) of 172 «« 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 »»
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