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Z is for - Our Menu Of Articles We have lots of reference material to help and assist you in your quest for the perfect promotional item. Have a browse, and if you'd like to have advice that's not covered, let us know, we're here to help.
Weekly Hints and Tips My name's Richard Mack, and I'm the MD of RT Promotions. The promotional gifts marketplace is an interesting world to operate in, and I'm fortunate to meet literally hundreds of our customers each year. Together we learn what's effective, and just as importantly, what isn't. I'd now like to share the nuggets of 'insider' knowledge with you in a series of weekly email hints and tips ....!
Unusual Ways to Print Onto Coffee Mugs There's nothing wrong with simply putting your logo and contact details onto a promotional coffee mug, but sometimes, you may need to do something a little different, and that's where RT Promotions' years of experience pays off. Working with our clients on a variety of different briefs has given us a wealth of experience, that future clients can gain, simply by engaging with us.
USB Memory Sticks - Does Size Matter? USB Memory Sticks, USB Memory Cards or USB Flash Drives have been selling well as a promotional giveaway gift for some time now, and are available in a range of memory sizes. How important is their size?
USB Flash Drives - Which One Is Right For You There is an ever-increasing choice of these smart little devices, and when used as a promotional giveaway, they can be incredibly powerful. But from the hundreds you can choose from, which one's the right one for your requirements?
USB Flash Drives - Advice On Memory Sizes These devices are great for storing data onto and perfect to use as a promotional gift - giving them away with YOUR data on. But, just how much data can you store on a USB Flash Drive?
Top Ten Tips - Umbrellas Printed Umbrellas are one of the most impactful promotional gift ideas out there, and yet, they are so often under utilised. If you get this right, they're a mobile advertising message that will hang around and be used for years and we'd like to share some tips with you on how to ensure you get the best possible results from them.
Top Ten Tips - Trolley Coin Keyrings Have you noticed how you’ve never got a £1 coin when you need one? It’s always when you’re in a rush, and all you need is a coin, but, despite all that loose change, there’s never a £1 coin when you want one. That’s where this promotional gift comes in. The Trolley Coin Keyring's 'coin' wont work in machines where there’s a real value proposition, they only work in mechanisms where you get the token back: supermarket trolleys, lockers at the gym or health club, etc, and they’re PERFECT for business owners because we’ll personalise the tokens with your artwork and messages. These are very popular promotional gifts right now – so giving them away to folk who are in your target market makes a lot of sense. Read our Top Ten Tips for 'how' to make them effective.
Top Ten Tips - Pens Take a look in your pen drawer or pen pot. The chances are you'll find a promotional pen (or twelve) there, and all of them are slowly and silently giving you a message. The printed message on a promotional pen is a sublime, powerful, thing. That's why you'll find promotional pens in any league table of effective promotional gifts. But, there's pens, and there's pens aren't there? Here at RT Promotions we supply thousands of clients with branded pens, and so we get to see good ideas as well as the bad ones. We'd like to share some of our tips with you.
Top Ten Tips - Keyrings It's a rare sight to see a key without a keyring isn't it? A bit like 'love and marriage' and horse and carriage' - they go together so well, you rarely see them apart. Thus - you have the makings of a powerful corporate gift. Keyrings are consistently in our 'Top Ten Best Selling Promotional Gifts' lists, so using one as a promotional give-away ticks all the right boxes. Have a read of my top ten tips before you make a purchase.
Top Ten Tips - Coffee Mugs Printed Coffee Mugs have been one of the top-selling promotional gifts for years, and it’s no wonder. If you take your time and get the small details correct, a branded coffee mug will hang around for years, promoting your message even when the mug isn’t being used!!! Here at RT Promotions, we supply supply printed and personalised coffee mugs to clients all over the world, and we get to see some great ideas, and some not so great. Coffee mugs aren't the cheapest promotional gifts to give away, so whilst there's no doubt they are incredibly effective, there are some points you need to consider to that you get the very best for your money. We’d recommend that you consider the following top ten points when budgeting for promotional coffee mugs:
Top Ten Tips - Coffee Coasters Take a look at the average desk in your office. The chances are that most of them will have a coffee coaster, possibly with someone's marketing message on. There's no doubt that a Promotional Coffee Coaster is an effective marketing tool, and we'd like to share some tips with you on how to ensure you get the best possible results from them.
Top Ten Tips - Bags Promotional bags have been a top-selling promotional gift idea for years and its not hard to understand why that is. Getting your logo or message onto the right bag, in the right way, is a sure fire way to ensure your message is seen and remembered for years. Here at RT Promotions we supply thousands of bags to our clients every year, so we see good ideas, as well as the not so good ideas, and we'd like to share some of our top tips with you.
Richard Recommends - 2013 - 05 Every now and then we aim to give you little gems. Things that might make a positive difference to you when you are looking to buy promotional gifts. This tip's simple - TALK to the experts. In today's world of high-speed purchases, there's a trend to simply click and buy, and in doing so, there appears to be no need to actually talk to the provider. Time and time again, we've seen customers purchase the wrong product, simply because they've not talked to our knowledgeable staff.
Richard Recommends - 2013 - 03 Every now and then we aim to give you little gems. Things that might make a positive difference to you when you are looking to buy promotional gifts. This tip's particularly relevant if you are purchasing promo gifts to act as give-aways at a trade show or exhibition. Don't purchase just one promo gift - you need two!
Richard Recommends - 2012 - 03 Every now and then we aim to give you little gems. Things that might make a positive difference to you when you are looking to buy promotional gifts. This tip's all about branded clothing, and especially if you or your staff are exhibiting at a trade show, exhibition or expo.
Richard Recommends - 2011 - 05 Every now and then we aim to give you little gems. Things that might make a positive difference to you when you are looking to buy promotional gifts. This tip looks at Return on Investment - sometimes referred to as 'ROI'. Measure, Measure, measure..... You're going to spend money on a Promotional Product, it's going to be effective, but 'how' will you know??
Richard Recommends - 2010 - 06 Every now and then we aim to give you little gems. Things that might make a positive difference to you when you are looking to buy promotional gifts. This tip looks at artwork. Make sure you have control of your artwork files for your company logo. If you’re getting a logo created, or if you already have a logo, read our advice on how to ensure you get the ‘right’ files from your supplier.
Promotional pens - How to choose one (part 3) The final part in 'all you ever wanted to know about choosing a promotional pen, but were afraid to ask'..... Imprinted pens are a very powerful way to promote your business, but with so many different promotional pens to choose from, how can you be sure of making the right choice? In our earlier articles, we suggested you ask yourself four questions to ensure you choose the right pen for your business objectives. These are the final two questions you should be considering:
Promotional pens - How to choose one (part 2) If our original article didn't answer all your questions, maybe this second part will help.
Promotional Pens - How to choose one (part 1) So you think you need a promotional pen do you? Well just how sure are you?
Number Plate Over Stickers Take a look at the number plate on your motor vehicle... go on, take a look!! I bet there's some small print running along the top or bottom edge? That will be the name of the garage or dealer who originally sold the vehicle, usually a BIG brand local motor trader. During the course of its lifetime, the vehicle will have several owners, and the chances are pretty high that at some stage, it will find itself on a used-car motor traders forecourt. The last thing the motor trader wants is to promote another, competitive, vehicle supplier, and there it is, in the small print, running along every vehicle he has on his forecourt.. So what's he to do? change the numer plates? Well, for most garages, that's a non-starter, it's just too expensive to put new number plates onto every car that comes your way, but what's the alternative?
Let Us Find It For You The quest for the perfect promotional gift is a tedious one. There's so many variables... budget or premium priced? plastic or metal? colourful or not? There's just so much variety and choice its sometimes hard to know where to start, so let us do the hard work for you.
Lanyards - Some Safety Advice Dorset Police have published some safety advice regarding wearing a lanyard and ID Pass whilst driving - there have been incidents of injuries being caused and so we thought we'd share their concerns with you.
Key Loop Colour Options Key Loops, sometimes called Ad Loops or even Loopy Fobs, have been around for a long time and still continue to be popular with our clients. With so many colourful options available to choose from, it's easy to see why. This article has been created to help guide you through the three component parts of the Key Loops that you can select a colour for, as well as the colour options available to you.
Jargon These are a series of definitions of commonly used jargon from within the promotional gifts and personalised clothing industry. Please feel free to add your comments, perhaps giving me a better explanation, or maybe suggesting words that you have come across but don't fully understand their meaning.
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to all of our most frequently asked questions. Try here first.
Effective Promotional Products - The Mousemat Mousemats - Are they the most effective promotional product available? There are many challengers for the crown of 'best promotional product', not least the mighty pen, but the mousemat is a truly effective and versatile thing, that when used correctly, will outpace most of its rivals!!
Effective Promotional Products - The Coffee Mug Coffee Mugs aren't the cheapest promotional product you can buy, but when measured against their daily almost constant use and longevity, they are one of the most effective. To get the most from your marketing spend, you may want to consider some of the following branding details you could apply to differentiate YOUR mug from all the others.
Effective Promotional Products - The Coffee Coaster Although it's a commonly held belief that the holder of 'the most effective promotional product' is the humble pen, it's our opinion, that when used correctly, the coffee coaster will give the pen a run for its money!!
ECO Facts - Bamboo Promotional Gifts are made from a variety of materials, including wood, and in todays climate of eco-friendliness, we are sometimes asked if this use of wood is good for the planet. Our response to that question will vary from product to product, and will invariably depend on the source material being used. In this article we try to explain some of the facts about Bamboo.
Colour Reference Numbers (Pantones) Getting the artwork and image colouring correct is a concern for any company, whether big or small. You will have spent money creating a brand and want it to look right when reproduced onto any promotional product you decide to purchase.
Coffee mugs printed using 'transfer print' What is involved in the process 'transfer printing' onto coffee mugs, and why would you consider using this method as opposed to other methods you may hear about?
Coffee mugs printed using 'dye sublimation' You keep hearing the phrase 'dye sublimation' with regard to printing your artwork onto a coffee mug. What on earth does it mean?
Coffee mugs - The Technical Stuff You are considering purchasing a quantity of promotional logo'd or corporate style coffee mugs, and need to understand what the difference is between the various production methods.
Coffee Mugs printed using 'screen printing'. What is involved in the process of 'screen printing' onto coffee mugs, and why would you use this method as opposed to other methods you hear about?
Coffee Mugs - Printing onto the bottom An often overlooked area is to print, literally, onto the bottom of a coffee mug. Sometimes called a 'backstamp', this can be a subtle but effective method of branding.
Coffee Mugs - Printing Onto The Handle Printing onto the handle of a corporate coffee mug is wonderfully subtle. Just a simple flash of colour here can add some much to the overall effect.
Coffee Mugs - Printing Inside The Mug Probably one of our most popular methods for personalising a coffee mug, after printing onto the outside of course, is to print onto the inside area.
Coffee Mugs - Guilding Another small detail is the application of a metallic finish, usually to the rim of the coffee mug.
Coffee Mugs - Banding The application of a coloured band to the rim, often lifts the 'look' of the coffee mug.
Clothing - which type of personalisation? It seems to be a minefield of choice. All you want is a few dozen polo shirts personalised with your logo or message, but what is the best method to use?
Clothing - Transfer Print Personalisation You're thinking of having some garments personalised, and are pretty sure they will be 'transfer printed'. So what are the main things you need to be aware of?
Clothing - Embroidered Personalisation You're thinking of having some garments personalised, and are pretty sure they will be 'embroidered'. Why do you have to have an image digitized? What are the main things you need to be aware of? Should you be embroidering these garments at all?
Clothing - Digitising Your Logo For Embroidery The details of this special process called 'digitising' thats necessary to get your logo ready for embroidery
Clothing - 'Screen Printed' personalisation You're thinking of having some garments personalised, and are pretty sure they will be 'screen printed'. So what are the main things you need to be aware of?
Case Study - Creative Agency We work with Design Agencies all the time, day in, day out. Sometimes we're used simply as a supplier: "we want 5,000 pens, in blue, with our client's brand on", and other times, it's a more consultative approach. When Bournemouth based Cre8ive Wisdom invited us to come up with some original ideas for a client, they allowed us to get close to the brief, and together, we came up with a package that brought impressive results for their client.
Car Air Fresheners The print quality onto our printed car air fresheners is stunning, but wait till you see the range of unique fragrances we have on offer
Balloons - THINK about how you want them printed We like to think of this bit as "how's it hanging" - and if you get this bit right, your printed and personalised balloons will go down a storm
Balloons - Reducing Their Impact On The Environment Balloons are great fun. They are colourful and lively and a brilliant way to get your brand or message noticed. But if not used with care, they can have an adverse effect on the environment. In this document, RT Promotions gives you tips and guidance for their safe use, and puts to rest some commonly held incorrect rumours.
BPMA - The British Promotional Merchandise Association What are the benefits you receive when buying from a member of the BPMA?
Advice on 'Carriage' You've ordered the promotional item, they are being personalised, and it's simply a matter of getting the goods delivered to you. What could possibly go wrong?
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