Lapel Badges

Personalised Lapel Badges have hundreds of uses and are a superb promotional merchandise idea. Designed to be pinned onto your lapel, they are frequently used as a means of creating a 'brand' or 'membership' to a club. We manufacture them to order and have a range of solutions, different metals and plastics are the most popular, but we even have eco friendly wooden ones. Utilised for a variety of uses - membership of clubs or associations, awards and recognition, fundraising for charities or schools, celebrating anniversaries, or maybe just for FUN or to create some noise around your brand?

All of our badges are available in a range of sizes and as a rule of thumb, the smaller they are the lower the cost. and produced by a variety of processes and base metals: Hard Enamel Badges, Stamped Copper Badges, Photo Etched Soft Enamel Badges, Soft Enamel Badges, Printed Pin Badges - ECO Friendly Wooden Badges.

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