Aqua Products

Personalised Aqua Products offer an amazing range of opportunities to associate your brand or service with a touchie-feely promotional product that incorporates liquid.

Liquid-Filled Merchandise isn't a new process as the the technology to fill a promotional gift with a liquid has been with us for a while. By combining non-mixing coloured liquids into each product, it has an almost organic look and feel, creating colourful bubbles that intermingle and encourage engagement from the recipient. Perfect for any business or service that is linked to liquids or bubbles - but there's no reason why almost any company couldn't use this technique to connect with their clients. As well as a non-toxic, coloured liquid, we can often insert an object into the item as well. Call us for details.

  • Liquid-Filled Keyrings
  • Aqua Bookmarks
  • Lip Shaped Cool Packs
  • Gel Filled Eye Masks

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