Personalised Medals aren't just for sporting events and 'winners' - they're a great way to recognise achievements and say 'thank you'. Increasingly being used in the corporate world to recognise outstanding performances: employee of the month, best customer care, outstanding sales, or even for 'most continuous days at work without having a sick day' - medals are a powerful way to give recognition. Naturally, they are of course most commonly used at sporting events, from school sports days, charity runs, marathons, plane pulls, walks to raise money and awareness, the list is endless. Sometimes the medal needs to be simple, sometimes it may demand a level of sophistication - and we have solutions for all of these and more. RT Promotions has a wide range of 'off the shelf solutions, but increasingly we are seeing a demand for bespoke or unique medals - naturally, whichever medal you choose, they can all be personalised, either by printing, engraving, or even built-in to the design- we even supply personalised ribbon too!

As with everything in the promotional gifts market, this section is constantly being updated, so if you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch with us, we'd be delighted to help! 

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