Integrated Cap USB Memory Sticks

Personalised Integrated Cap USB Memory Sticks are different from other USB's because they don't have a removable cap, great if you're good at losing things! Once removable caps are lost, you have an unprotected device that could get damaged by dust and dirt. The benefit of an Integrated Cap USB Memory Stick is that the cap can't be lost. Whether is be a Twister USB, Sliding USB or a Folding USB they can all be customised to your brand, by printing or engraving.  In all other respects, the devices in this section will be the same as any other Promotional USB Memory Stick!

Prices are calculated based on three key factors:
1. The quantity you buy
2. The size of the memory-chip inside
3. The specific device you select

Are you working to a budget? Call us.... we will shortlist a selection to suit.

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