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Printed Umbrellas must have been designed to be a promotional gift, they're just Soooo perfect for the job!!
There's an amazing range of sizes, shapes, materials and designs to choose from, and remember, that with many of these umbrellas, you only pay for the design or logo we imprint onto them, so creating an all RED umbrella, is usually no more expensive than an alternating RED and WHITE personalised one. What sort of design would work best for you?

How about a classic curved wooden handle, or a handle that's colour matched to the fabric, or maybe a second fabric skin for the inside of the umbrella? All of this and more is possible, so talk to us, we're here to help, and can often give you ideas you'd not even realised were possible.

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Budget Folding Umbrella
Low cost fold-away umbrellas, with SEVENTEEN colours to choose from.
min qty 50 from £3.90
Super Mini Umbrella
Low cost fold-away umbrellas, available in Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, White or Black.
min qty 50 from £3.96
Crook Handled Umbrella
Solid Coloured Canopy Only - Auto Opening - available in SIX colour options.
min qty 50 from £4.30
Low Cost Folding Umbrella
Available in Blue or Black only - Low cost fold-away umbrellas, with a wooden handle.
min qty 50 from £4.30
Budget Umbrella
Auto Opening Budget Umbrella - Available in TWELVE different colours
min qty 25 from £4.40
Crook Handled Umbrella
Every cloud has a silver lining, well so does this umbrella - automatic opening, and available in Blue, Black, Red or Green.
min qty 50 from £4.60
Classic Umbrella
TWELVE fabric/canopy colours to choose from - auto opening - wooden shaft and handle.
min qty 50 from £4.70
Auto Opening Umbrella
Manufactured in FIVE canopy colour options - Auto Opening - Metal shaft and plastic handled.
min qty 50 from £4.80
Compact Umbrella
Low cost fold-away umbrellas, available in Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, White or Black.
min qty 50 from £4.85
Frog Umbrella
An umbrella with a frog face on it - printed and personalised with your artwork
min qty 50 from £5.10
Aluminium Crook Handled Umbrella
Available in FIVE different solid canopy colours - Violet, Lime Green, White, Black or Dark Blue.
min qty 50 from £5.30
Classic Umbrella
Just the ONE multi-coloured canopy option here - but it's a very popular look.
min qty 50 from £5.30
Lady Mini Umbrella
Seven Colours - all with colour co-ordinated pouch.
min qty 50 from £5.30
Mini Golf Umbrella
Available in FIFTEEN stock canopy options - Auto Opening
min qty 25 from £5.55
Golf Umbrella
Available in SIX different solid colour canopy fabrics.
min qty 50 from £5.80
Tess Umbrella
23" canopy - walking umbrella - FIVE colour combinations
min qty 50 from £5.95
Silver Lined Umbrella
Available with a choice of Black, Blue, Red or Green solid coloured exterior canopy - all with silver on the interior.
min qty 50 from £6.05
Double Skinned Umbrella
Black fabric on the outside, and a choice of Red, Yellow, Green or Blue on the inside. Very subtle.
min qty 50 from £6.10
products (1 - 18) of 51 1 2 3 »»
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