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Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers
Printed Bottle Openers are a perfect example of a promotional giveaway. Think about it for a moment. Do you have one in your top drawer in the kitchen at home? In your office? In your works kitchen? On your boat? In your caravan or motorhome? The list goes on and on, doesn't it?

The UK leisure market is HUGE, and aiming your promotional giveaway item at a BIG market is generally a good thing, so why not aim yours at this one?

Here at RT Promotions we offer a range of Promotional Bottle Openers that can all be printed and branded, some of them can even be engraved, and they'll all ensure your logo or message is seen by your target market.

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Bottle Opener Cigarette Lighters
It lights fires and opens bottles - what a combination! Available in SIX different colours!
min qty 300 from £0.20
Electronic Bottle Opener Lighters
Electronic refillable cigarette lighter that doubles-up as a bottle opener.
min qty 300 from £0.25
Basic Bottle Opener
Available in White, Blue, Yellow, Red and Black - is there a colour to compliment your brand identity?
min qty 500 from £0.35
Foot Shaped Bottle Opener
Shaped like a foot - with a magnet on the rear.
min qty 500 from £0.50
Plastic Bottle Opener Keyring
Doubles up as a mobile phone holder - available in blue, black, white or red.
min qty 50 from £0.54
Metal Keyring Bottle Opener
Fantastic range of colours to choose from - NINE in total - engraved and delivered FAST.
min qty 50 from £0.58
Coaster Bottle Opener
Coaster AND Bottle Opener combination - available in Red, White or Blue.
min qty 50 from £0.59
Key Shaped Bottle Opener
Shaped like a key and available in silver, red or blue.
min qty 50 from £0.59
Hard Hat Bottle Opener
Available in white, yellow, red and blue - A great way of getting your message across, and sure to be kept for years.
min qty 250 from £0.60
Bottle Opener Keyring
Double the features with this model - the standard bottle opener, but also a can opener
min qty 50 from £0.61
Bottle Top Bottle Opener
Available in five colours: white, purple, blue, and red.
min qty 50 from £0.61
Bottle Opener Keyring
A handy keyring to have - not more using your teeth or your keys, you'll be everyone's favourite person at the party!
min qty 50 from £0.69
Acrylic Bottle Opener
Clear acrylic and with digital printing gives superb branding opportunities
min qty 250 from £0.70
Fat Bottle Opener
With a nice wide-bodied design - opens ring-pull cans as well as bottles.
min qty 50 from £0.79
Football Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet
There's no excuse for not finding a bottle opener when you need one. This one sticks to your fridge!!!
min qty 100 from £0.80
Magnetic Bottle Opener
Great branding options on this item - and in FULL colour.
min qty 250 from £0.80
Bottle Opener Torch
THREE great features - Keyring - LED Torch Light - Bottle Opener
min qty 50 from £0.81
Lifebuoy Bottle Opener
Why settle for a boring bottle opener when you can have this one, that's shaped like a lifebuoy? The perfect gift for any boat-owner.
min qty 250 from £0.85
products (1 - 18) of 54 1 2 3 »»
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