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Tape Measures

Tape Measures Tape Measures aren't just for the professional trades, they're also a welcome promotional gift for all kinds of folk. In fact, you could say that EVERY home deserves a Tape Measure. They're the kind of branded gift that will be kept and cherished for years. Also, in this section, you'll find the following variations on measuring devices:
  • Multi-purpose tape measures
  • Keyring promotional tape measures
  • Tailors measures
  • Foldaway measures
  • Robust professional tape measures
Remember, we print and personalise each gift, so each time the recipient uses the Tape Measure they'll see your branding and be reminded of your company or service offering...... perfect.

Click on any of the product images below to see the full specification

Handy Tape Measure
With branding all along the length - this is a superb promotional give-away tape measure.
min qty 100 from £0.45
Tape Measure Keyfob
Tape Measure Keyfob measuring 1.5m and available in White only.
min qty 500 from £0.55
Keyring Tape Measure
Available in White or Blue - 1m steel rule
min qty 100 from £0.60
Tailor Tape Measure
Available in White only - in both centimetres and inches.
min qty 50 from £0.66
Tape Measure
1m in length - FULL COLOUR print onto these handy tape measures.
min qty 250 from £0.66
Tape Measure Keyring with Spirit Level
Multi-functional 1m tape measure - Available in White, Red or Blue
min qty 100 from £0.73
Carabiner Tape Measure
Available in Orange or Blue - 1.78 metre tape measure
min qty 100 from £1.00
Measuring Tape
1 metre rule - available in Red, Yellow or Blue, complete with a Black rubber grip casing.
min qty 50 from £1.07
BMI Tape Measure
Features a 1.5 metre tape, BMI calculator and a small clip - available in a red heart design.
min qty 100 from £1.15
3 Metre Tape Measure
Available in Yellow/Black only - Three metres, and in both metric and imperial
min qty 250 from £1.35
Multi Function Tape Measure
2 metre tape measure - spirit level, sticky notes and a pen.
min qty 100 from £1.45
2 Metre Tape Measure
2 metre tape measure - In Silver Only.
min qty 100 from £1.70
Stainless Steel Tape Measure
2m Rule - translucent black plastic rim, marked out in centimeters and inches.
min qty 50 from £1.78
3 Metre Tape Measure
3 metre tape measure - In Silver and Black Only.
min qty 100 from £2.20
Professional Tape Measure
5 metre tape measure - In Red and Black Only.
min qty 100 from £2.55
5 Metre Tape Measure
Yellow and Black Only - 5m measure with centimetres and inches measurements.
min qty 50 from £2.97
5 Metre Tape Measure
Solidly constructed 5 metre tape measure.
min qty 50 from £3.15
Laser Beam Spirit Level
2 metre tape measure with integrated Laser beam spirit level.
min qty 50 from £5.55
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Prices and specification are subject to change without prior notice

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