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Novelty Pens

Novelty Pens

Promotional Novelty Pens come in all shapes and sizes, and with some amazing 'twists'. Don't be mistaken into thinking these are simply 'joke' pens and that your business is far too serious for this type of thing. No matter what your business or service offering is, making your customers or potential customers 'SMILE' is a great way to ensure your promotional business giveaway ballpen is remembered... isn't that why you are doing this? We've heard of customers queuing up at Trade Shows to get hold of one of our Printed Novelty Pens ..... or of course, you could always simply give them a cheap and cheerful pen and not be remembered at all?

Have a look at our extensive and unusual range of Novelty Pens, and call us if you still can't find one to suit your needs.

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Multifunctional USB Flash Drive
A discrete USB Flash Drive that doubles up as a Pen, as well as a Laser Pointer.
min qty 50 POA
Pocket Ballpen
Available in Black, Blue or White - Print options from single colour right up to FULL COLOUR.
min qty 250 from £0.25
Ball Pen Syringe
Syringe Shaped Ball Pen featuring a range of coloured liquids: Red, Blue Clear or Green.
min qty 1000 from £0.30
Triple Ink Stylus Pen
PRICES SLASHED - GET IT WHILE STOCK LASTS! This pen has it all - red, blue and black ink, as well as a soft touch stylus.
min qty 500 from £0.32
Football Ballpen
Available in a choice of colour: Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, or Green.
min qty 500 from £0.35
Lipstick Ballpen
Available in three stunning colours - they look like a tube of lipstick, but reveal themselves to be ballpens.
min qty 500 from £0.35
Banner Ballpen
HUGE range of colours to choose from - and you're spoilt for space with these unusual and increasingly popular pens, featuring a FULL COLOUR pull-out banner.
min qty 500 from £0.37
Syringe Shaped Highlighter
Pink and Yellow Highlighters, shaped like a medical syringe.
min qty 500 from £0.38
Feather Pen
Available in Red, Green or Blue, they double up as letter openers!!!
min qty 500 from £0.40
French Stick Ballpen
Designed to look like either a French Stick - or maybe an Italian Bread Stick.
min qty 500 from £0.45
Ruler Pen
Here's something a little bit different - full functioning ballpen with a 14cm ruler on it's side
min qty 250 from £0.45
Thumb Pen
Available in Blue, Green or Orange - give your customers the 'thumbs up' with these novelty promotional ballpens
min qty 250 from £0.45
Invisible Ink Pen
Features a built-in UV light to reveal the hidden writing.
min qty 100 from £0.55
Banner Stylus Ballpen
With a great range of vibrant colours to choose from, this all-in-one promotional gift is not only a pen, but also a banner, a stylus, and a mobile phone holder!
min qty 250 from £0.58
Car Shaped Pen
Available in Silver, Blue or Black - this is a pen folk are going to keep and talk about.
min qty 250 from £0.65
Lanyard Torch Pen
Is it a lanyard? Is it a torch? Is it a ballpen? The answers are YES, YES and YES! - it's a combination of all three.
min qty 100 from £0.70
System Tool Pen
Multi Tool Pen includes Soft Stylus, Slot Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, CM Rule, Inch Rule and Spirit level!
min qty 100 from £0.79
Fun Football Pen
Available in Black/White or Orange/White - features a removable anti-stress football.
min qty 250 from £0.80
products (1 - 18) of 37 1 2 3 »»
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