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Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases can be a superb promotional gift, giving you a platform for your advertising message that will be seen whenever the printed pencil case is in use. Perfect for use with children or young people, we supply lots of schools and colleges - but in fact, equally useful for anyone wanting a place to store their pencils - artists, graphic designers and the like all use pencils, crayons, highlighters and pens - they will definitely find a pencil case a useful promotional gift to receive. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and colours - maybe there's a colour to compliment your brand identity?

Here at RT Promotions we offer a range of Promotional Pencil Cases that can all be printed and personalised, and they'll all ensure your logo or message is seen by your target market.

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Pencil Case
Featuring a full colour printed insert
min qty 100 from £0.45
Zipped Pencil Case
Available in Green, Orange, Red or Blue - they look great when printed with your logo or message.
min qty 250 from £0.65
Transparent Pencil Case
Available in FIVE great transparent colours: Orange, Pink, Blue, green and Red.
min qty 250 from £0.70
Frosted Pencil Case
Available in Red, Black, Blue, or Transparent.
min qty 250 from £0.95
Jewel Pencil Case
Available in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink or Red.
min qty 250 from £0.99
Felt Tip Pencil Pouch
Available in Red, Blue, Purple and Yellow - includes 12 small felt tip pens.
min qty 100 from £1.15
Nylon Pencil Case
A colourful Pencil Case to keep your pens in.
min qty 125 from £1.15
Nylon Pencil Case
Available in Blue, Red, Black or yellow - all with a black zip.
min qty 250 from £1.25
PVC Pencil Case
Available in CLEAR PVC only - with a coloured zipper.
min qty 125 from £1.30
Pencil Pouch
Available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow - 8 Wooden Colouring Pencils and a sharpener.
min qty 100 from £1.35
Colourful Pencil Case
Available in Pink, Red or Blue, they look great when printed with your logo or strapline.
min qty 250 from £1.50
Organic Canvas Pencil Case
Available in 'natural' only, but with six choices for the zip: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or White.
min qty 100 from £1.82
Nonwoven Pencil Case
Nonwoven Eco-Style pencil case including a ruler, ballpen, pencil & sharpener, eraser and notepad!
min qty 250 from £1.88
Foam Pencil Case
Manufactured from foam and complete with a carabiner.
min qty 100 from £2.30
Pencil Case and Contents
Includes Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Ruler and Pencil Case - ALL printed with your artwork.
min qty 100 from £2.60
Jewel Stationery Set
Includes Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Highlighter, Ruler and Pencil Case - ALL printed with your artwork.
min qty 250 from £3.20
Prices shown are exclusive of origination, delivery and VAT
Prices and specification are subject to change without prior notice

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