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Pen USB Flash Drives

Pen USB Flash Drives

Promotional Combination Pens and USB Flash Drives, or Ballpen USB's, and sometimes referred to as USB Pen Memory Sticks are a little different from the rest of the crowd..... they make a point of disguising the fact that a stylish and working ballpen, has a secret USB Flash Drive hidden inside. These units have been increasing in sales with us for some time and its easy to see why. Small enough to slip into your jacket, briefcase, wallet or purse, these stylish pens are a little more chic than than their standard shaped relatives. Pen Shaped USB Memory Sticks are an increasingly popular way to store data to carry around with you. Just pop it into the USB port of your PC, save your files, photos, Powerpoint presentation, or even your brochure and slip it into your jacket, or bag. It's a great way to give a client or prospective client, your portfolio or brochure. It was in your bag, now its in theirs, and best of all, you've given them a GIFT.

We will Personalise and Imprint each one with your own personal information. Maybe your company logo or message, or even just a simple web address all look good. If you want us to, and there's enough time, we will even preload your data/presentation onto each unit.

Prices are calculated based on three key factors:

  • The quantity you buy
  • The size of the memory-chip inside
  • The specific device you select

Are you working to a budget? Call us.... we will shortlist a selection to suit.

Combination USB Flash Drive Pen
Utterley discrete, yet workable and practicle.
min qty 50 POA
FlashPen 2 USB Flash Drive
Always a popular combination.
min qty 50 POA
FlashPen 3 Memory Device And Ball Pen
Stylish and practical, a great combo.
min qty 50 POA
FlashPen 4 USB Flash Drive
A fancy merge between a USB and a Pen.
min qty 50 POA
FlashPen USB Flash Drive
A great blend between two useful objects.
min qty 50 POA
LaserPen USB Flash Drive
A great pen with three different functions: USB, Pen and Laser.
min qty 50 POA
Multifunctional USB Flash Drive
A discrete USB Flash Drive that doubles up as a Pen, as well as a Laser Pointer.
min qty 50 POA
Prices shown are exclusive of origination, delivery and VAT
Prices and specification are subject to change without prior notice

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