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Money Boxes

Money Boxes
Money Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are increasingly used as promotional giveaways. Perfect for use with children and young people as a means to educating them on the benefits of saving money - they come into their own when your business can be associated with these ideas. Branded Money Boxes are also used for charities.
Here at RT Promotions we offer a range of Money Boxes that can all be printed and branded, some of them are for charities, some for children and young persons, and some are just - Money Boxes.

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Fun Piggy Bank
Cute sized mini-plastic piglet bank available in Red, Blue. Black, Purple, Pink, Green and Amber.
min qty 50 from £0.91
Small House Collection Box
Go be creative with this popular collection box - includes all-over full colour print to your very own design.
min qty 100 from £1.10
Rubber Nose Piggy Bank
Rubber piggy bank with soft feel body and squidgy oversized nose. Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red.
min qty 50 from £1.35
Soft Touch Piggy Bank
With a soft PVC surface, what else could be better? Available in a myriad of colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Green, Light and Dark Blue.
min qty 100 from £1.55
Piggy Bank
Always a popular choice - available in Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Black and Clear.
min qty 50 from £1.63
House Shaped Money Box
Superb branding possibilities with print areas on BOTH sides of the roof.
min qty 100 from £1.70
House Money Box
Available in Blue, Red or Clear.
min qty 50 from £1.77
Money Tin
A simple but tough design - just drop your coins through the slot and remove the lid to access your savings.
min qty 25 from £1.96
House Money Box
See your savings grow with this transparent design
min qty 50 from £2.45
Ceramic Piggy Bank
A Ceramic Piggy Bank in silver colour. Looks great when printed with logos.
min qty 100 from £2.55
Charity Collection Box
Designed to be a counter-top unit, and available in lots of colour options.
min qty 500 from £3.90
Secret Money Box
Disguised to look like a book - available in red or blue
min qty 50 from £5.99
Petty Cash Box
Every office needs one - so why not BRAND it? Available in red or blue.
min qty 50 from £7.35
Money Box Sweets
Metal Money box with lid and coin slot with chocolate coins - other fillings are available: Chalk Torpedos, Fruit Sweets, Imperial Mints, Jelly Beans, Choc Drops, Tum Tums, and Wine gums.
min qty 250 from £7.56
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Prices and specification are subject to change without prior notice

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