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Promotional pens - How to choose one (part 2)

Promotional pens - How to choose one (part 2)If our original article didn't answer all your questions, maybe this second part will help.

Promotional pens are a very powerful way to promote your business, but with so many different promotional pens to choose from, how can your business be sure of making the right choice? In one of earlier articles, we suggested you ask yourself four questions, to ensure you choose the right promotional pen for your business objectives.

1:- Who are you?

Are you a very serious and sensible business, or are you a fun, imaginative and vibrant business? Does a low cost plastic pen adequately represent your business or do you need a pen that ?you? would like to write with? Is your business all about style, or perhaps colour is important to you?

2:- What are you aiming to achieve with a promotional pen?

If the pen is for an award or gift this is easy, it's all about taste/style v budget, and virtually anything is possible. You'll be guided by your own taste.... what sort of pen would you like to receive as a gift/award? Do you want it engraved? Will it be gift boxed? Is the pens brand name important to you? It's a play off here as well, as the "perceived value" is usually a major factor in the selection criteria.

Usually however, it's for one of two other reasons:

a) To be given away in large quantities at a trade show or exhibition, or to be simply scooped up by visitors to your premises. Usually there's no formal interface with your targets, these are the typical promotional freebies. You know that these pens aren't the best on the planet, they may not be the sort of pen you would personally like to write with, but as long as they fit your company profile in some way, you are happy to use them to promote your business. Your hope is that it will reinforce the brand, get a simple message across, or may even lead to business from the recipient.

One of the best examples of getting this right was with a client that wanted to create a 'busy' stand at a trade show. They were going to go with a typical budget ballpen, but actually decided to go with a pen that 'lit up' when used. It had a light-up 'number one' on the top, and of course they linked into this with the personalisation we printed onto the barrel?. "Acme Tool Co'simply the best" Tel 01202 882 8933.

They had people queuing up to speak to them at the event, all to get their hands on one of these pens, and the best bit?, all of the other exhibitors around them were complaining about having a quiet trade show.

b) To act as your 'calling card' or business card. These pens are always given to your targets personally. Not necessarily with a lot of fuss, but there will be an interface..."need a pen? Why don't you use mine?" or maybe you'll try "that's all right, keep it". You'll be a lot more interested in the style, look, and feel of these pens, after all, you and your staff will almost certainly be using them as well.

With both of these aims, some consideration needs to given to the following:

* Do you need a big printable area on the pen? Its amazing how restricted you will be with the print options on many of the pens. Is this is important to you?

* Does the pen need to be different from the one your competitors are giving away?

* Is a specific colour for the pen important to you?

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